Bruce Lackey – 1975


Following his studies at Bowling Green State University in 1975, Bruce Lackey
began full time work at the family business as a route driver and running the egg
processing plant.  In 1981 he successfully completed the sweat-equity arrangement
with his parents, the founders of the company.  This put him into an executive
position and soon became the majority shareholder.  Bruce’s vision and leadership
helped guide Happy Chicken Farms , Merry Milk Maid and associated businesses
for over 4 decades and over twenty years as CEO of the family business.

Mark Lackey – 1986


Mark began work for the family business washing trucks as a boy (along with his older
brothers).  After high school and working for other companies, Mark started working full
time in 1986.  He covered all positions including driver, warehouse and loading trucks.
By 1989 Mark was working full-time in the office doing order entry, inventory control,
accounts payable and receivables.  Mark held many other positions over the next several
years and in 2004 became the company’s 3rd President where he continues to oversee
what he calls ‘An Elite Customer
Service Team”.

Jim Dickson – 1984

VP of Operations

Jim Dickson came to Happy Chicken Farms in July of 1984 after working for Big Bear
Grocery Stores for almost 15 years.  He started as a delivery driver when they still
loaded their own trucks before leaving on their routes.  After 3 months, he moved into
working in the office 2 days a week along with his route duties the other 3 days a
week.  As the company continued to grow, Jim was taken off of the routes and given more
office responsibilities, gradually becoming the office manager.  He now is the Vice
President of Operations and oversees not just the office, but warehouse and route
operations as well.  Jim’s sunny disposition and devilish laugh keep everyone at
Happy Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid in stitches.

Leo Lackey – 1992

Executive Vice President

Leo first began with the family business in the early 1970′s working weekends and
summers alongside his many siblings.  He joined the companies as a full-time employee
in 1992 working as a route driver for the next decade.  He began to oversee warehouse
operations and eventually took over management of the company’s vehicle fleet,
including acquisition, general services, and maintenance.  In 2004, the company
expanded its product line into ice cream and frozen specialty items with Leo leading
the effort to grow and develop this important new product category.  Since 2009, his
role has expanded into helping manage many other critical aspects of the family
business and is well known by our customers for his ever present smile and bow tie!

Traci Conger – 2014

Sales Manager

Traci started her career by obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management
from Coastal Carolina University followed by receiving her MBA in Human Resources.
She worked as a Manager Partner in the restaurant industry for 13 years and became
very familiar with the Merry Milk Maid standard for service and quality as a customer.
In 2014 Traci decided for a career change and accepted a position with the family
businesses as the Sales Manager and since taken on an additional role as Personnel
Manager.  She takes great pride in managing our Sales Team to maintain Happy Chicken
Farms and Merry Milk Maid’s position as the #1 egg and dairy distributor in Central Ohio.
As Personnel Manager, Traci truly enjoys working with our stakeholders to ensure that
they are “happy and productive” at all times.

Brian McClelland – 1990

Driver Supervisor

After 11 years working in restaurants and country clubs in northeastern Ohio, Brian moved
to Columbus in 1988 taking a position as a sales rep for a manufacturing firm.  A couple years
later, and at the recommendation of Lee Lackey, our Company’s Founder, Brian met with
Bruce.  “I didn’t realize that I was interviewing for a job, but once it was offered to me I knew
Happy Chicken and Merry Milk Maid was the place I was supposed to be, and accepted the
position.”  Starting out as a driver, Brian then learned to be backup for many other positions
within the company, such as truck loader, warehouse man, and helping make customer calls
in the office.  This position later became what is known as “Swingman” and he handled that
for 20+ years.  Another position within the companies was offered, and Brian became the
primary contact for Midwest Foods Assoc., a co-op that was administered by Happy Chicken
Farms since its inception in 1975.  During his time at Happy Chicken Farms, Brian obtained his
Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Franklin University in 2001.  Brian has been the Driver
Route Supervisor since the position was created in 2014.

Rod Johnson – 2015

Warehouse Manager

Rod started his career in 2015 as a delivery driver gaining product knowledge and
learning several different routes allowing him to become very familiar with our
amazing customers.  In 2016 Rod had transitioned into our warehouse, mentoring
under Joe Bisciotti, who had worked for our company for 43 years.  That valuable
experience serves Rod well now as Warehouse Manager where he is fully responsible
for daily operations of the cooler, freezer and warehouse.  Rod takes great pride in
managing his team as well as maintaining a very clean, sanitary and well organized
warehouse.  Due to his time as a route driver, Rod adds value to the company, always
willing to help fill in for vacationing or sick drivers on their routes when needed.  Rod
was voted Stakeholder of the Year for 2018 by his fellow employees and is committed
to uphold the same level of effort and dedication to the family business for years
to come!

Hamilton Gottschall – 1988

Senior Director of Key Accounts

After working in the restaurant industry for 8 years, Hamilton was looking for a company
that could offer him and his young family a better quality of life.  Finding it with Happy
Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid, his career began as a route driver.  As he learned
the various products we carried, his role expanded by working in the warehouse and
loading trucks.  In 1993, Ham was invited to try out working in the office to help with
customer calls, AR processing, and some ordering of products.  As the company continued
to grow, so did his responsibilities, being promoted to  Vice President of Sales & Marketing
for a 15 year period.  The executive team placed a great deal of trust in Hamilton allowing
him to help make major decisions that impacted the family business.  In 2014, after his
children were grown and on their own, Ham and his wife decided to simplify their lives
and get more involved in their religious ministry.  The Lackey family fully supported
this life decision, agreeing to adjust the weekly work schedule and hours in order to achieve
this goal.  Hamilton now works 3 days a week in supporting the sales team and Key Account
Relations, along with assisting in the everyday needs of our growing company.  Ham states,
“Working for Happy Chicken Farms and the Lackey family has been the best decision I
could have made and I intend to end my career here!”

Ray Ghrist – 2015

Night Shift Manager

Ray began his career with the family business in January 2015 as the Night Shift Warehouse
Manager.  He is responsible for supervising the important third shift team that ensures the
route trucks are properly loaded, ready to go for the drivers early in the morning for on time
deliveries to our happy customers.  Ray is very capable handling our daily warehouse
operations which include shipping and receiving, overseeing inventory, product storage, and
leading and motivating his team.  And of significant note;  Ray is the first and only two-time
Stakeholder of the Year at Happy Chicken and Merry Milk Maid as voted on and awarded by
his peers in 2017 and 2018!

Christine “Merry” Draghi – 1988

Director of Customer Relation

Who is Merry?  “Merry” is Christine Draghi’s trade name.  She is a member of the second
generation of our family business and has worked for Happy Chicken Farms & Merry
Milk Maid periodically since high school.  After completing college and using her degree
to teach elementary school for five years, she decided to return to the  business full time in
in 1988.  Her father, the company co-founder, Lee Lackey, suggested she become the
“Merry”of Merry Milk Maid, as that name best described her natural and abundant
cheerful attitude.  Merry has developed a real fan base with our customers over the years
as our primary sales representative, and enjoys everything about her job.  Merry says,
“This is not an easy job, but working daily with all the great people here and engaging our
gracious and interesting customers is constantly rewarding.”


April Griffiths – 2013

April came to Happy Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid after being with the Salvation
Army as an officer for 7 years.  She is a very nice addition to our sales staff.  April has  a
wonderful ability to connect with our customers over the phone every day.  She has been
Stakeholder of the Month and Top Salesperson of the Month several times.  Many of
our customers know that she is a foster mom and adoptive parent and continuously
ask about her family.

Alli Dennison – 2016

Following her education at Capital University, Alli started her career managing food
and beverage in the sports & entertainment industry here in Columbus, Ohio.
After 7 years, Alli joined the Happy Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid family business,
starting as a Customer Service Representative in 2016, where she was able to form
lasting relationships with our customers.  Alli aspired to learn and grow with the
business and was promoted into an Accounts Payable position and has lead that
department since 2018.  Having exceeded expectations in that role, Alli was further
promoted to lead the Accounts Receivable department while also assisting with
inside customer sales.  Alli loves her job and is grateful to be part of such a wonderful
family business.

Katlin Bucci – 2017

After graduating from Slippery Rock University, Katlin Bucci relocated to Columbus
and joined Happy Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid in 2017 as an Office
Administrative Assistant.  With that position Katlin was able to get to know our
customers and form relationships with them.  She is friendly, hardworking, caring,
helpful, and a go getter!  As she proved that she could do more in sales, she began
training with Merry to learn the Customer Relations position.  After 6 months Katlin
is now enjoying this additional responsibility.  We are happy to have Katlin on our
Sales Team and look forward to her growing the business further.

Chuck Shaner – Senior Driver – 1991

Mike Wharton – Senior Driver – 1994

Steven Miller – 2015

Don Wolcott – 2010

Connie Conley – 2008

Dennis Clevenger – 2013

Jan Kostival – 2015

Mike Kunkle – 2015

Seth Ferguson – 2015

Vaughn Bass – 2016

Brian Thorp – 2014

Todd Rittgers – 2017

Jimmy Fryman – 2017

Van Woodson – 2017

Brian Kimnach – 2017

Karl Bame – 2018

Matt Romans – 2018

Brett Helcher – 2018

Doug Brunner – 2012

Ryan Lackey – 2015

Michael Wellington – 1997

Alan Struckman – 2013

Rick Dugger – 2006

Branden Lizardi – 2015

Jacob Gideon – 2018

After starting as a driver for Happy Chicken Farms and Merry Milk Maid, Jacob
has moved into the warehouse as a night loader of our trucks.