Bruce Lackey – 1975


Following his studies at Bowling Green State University in 1975, Bruce Lackey
began full time work at the family business as a route driver and running the egg
processing plant.  In 1981 he successfully completed the sweat-equity arrangement
with his parents, the founders of the company.  This put him into an executive
position and soon became the majority shareholder.  Bruce’s vision and leadership
helped guide Happy Chicken Farms , Merry Milk Maid and associated businesses
for over 4 decades and over twenty years as CEO of the family business.

Mark Lackey – President – 1986

Jim Dickson – VP of Operations – 1984

Leo Lackey – 1992

Executive Vice President

Leo first began with the family business in the early 1970′s working weekends and
summers alongside his many siblings.  He joined the companies as a full-time employee
in 1992 working as a route driver for the next decade.  He began to oversee warehouse
operations and eventually took over management of the company’s vehicle fleet,
including acquisition, general services, and maintenance.  In 2004, the company
expanded its product line into ice cream and frozen specialty items with Leo leading
the effort to grow and develop this important new product category.  Since 2009, his
role has expanded into helping manage many other critical aspects of the family
business and is well known by our customers for his ever present smile and bow tie!

Traci Conger – Sales Manager – 2014

Brian McClelland – Driver Supervisor – 1990

Rod Johnson – 2015

Warehouse Manager

Rod started his career in 2015 as a delivery driver gaining product knowledge and
learning several different routes allowing him to become very familiar with our
amazing customers.  In 2016 Rod had transitioned into our warehouse, mentoring
under Joe Bisciotti, who had worked for our company for 43 years.  That valuable
experience serves Rod well now as Warehouse Manager where he is fully responsible
for daily operations of the cooler, freezer and warehouse.  Rod takes great pride in
managing his team as well as maintaining a very clean, sanitary and well organized
warehouse.  Due to his time as a route driver, Rod adds value to the company, always
willing to help fill in for vacationing or sick drivers on their routes when needed.  Rod
was voted Stakeholder of the Year for 2018 by his fellow employees and is committed
to uphold the same level of effort and dedication to the family business for years
to come!

Hamilton Gottschall – Senior Director of Key Accounts – 1988

Ray Ghrist – 2015

Night Shift Manager

Ray began his career with the family business in January 2015 as the Night Shift Warehouse
Manager.  He is responsible for supervising the important third shift team that ensures the
route trucks are properly loaded, ready to go for the drivers early in the morning for on time
deliveries to our happy customers.  Ray is very capable handling our daily warehouse
operations which include shipping and receiving, overseeing inventory, product storage, and
leading and motivating his team.  And of significant note;  Ray is the first and only two-time
Stakeholder of the Year at Happy Chicken and Merry Milk Maid as voted on and awarded by
his peers in 2017 and 2018!

Christine “Merry” Draghi – Dir. of Customer Relation – 1988

Deb Lackey – Part Time Off & On Since 1981

April Griffiths – 2013

Alli Dennison – 2016

Katlin Bucci – 2017
Chuck Shaner – Senior Driver – 1991

Mike Wharton – Senior Driver – 1994

Steven Miller – 2015

Don Wolcott – 2010

Connie Conley – 2008

Dennis Clevenger – 2013

Jan Kostival – 2015

Mike Kunkle – 2015

Seth Ferguson – 2015

Wayne Gardner

Nate Jackson – 2016

Vaughn Bass – 2016

Brian Thorp – 2014

Todd Rittgers – 2017

Jimmy Fryman – 2017

Van Woodson – 2017

Brian Kimnach – 2017

Karl Bame – 2018

Jacob Gideon – 2018

Matt Romans – 2018

John Jarrels – 2018

Brett Helcher – 2018

Doug Brunner – 2012

Ryan Lackey – 2015

Michael Wellington – 1997

Alan Struckman – 2013

Joe Jahn – 2018

Rick Dugger – 2006

Branden Lizardi – 2015