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Happy Slider Day! ūüćĒHere's Bruce enjoying a delicious slider from White Castle, one of our amazing costumers! ūü§Ě ... See MoreSee Less
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Did You Know...?

Low-fat and fat free milk have the same calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals and naturally occurring sugar as whole milk.  The only difference in these milks are their fat (and calorie) content.

Stakeholders of the Month 2024

At the beginning of each month, all company Stakeholders nominate a fellow worker, one from each category of Driver-Warehouse-Office based on their most positive observations and experiences.¬† Those with the most nominations for each category receive appropriate internal recognition along with a cash bonus.¬† The top five or six nominees during the calendar year become eligible for a separate vote by management for…

  • January Don Wolcott, Rod Johnson, Dennis Clevenger, Pete Olson
  • February¬† Mark Gentzel, Rick Dugger, Rick Robinson, Ray Ghrist, Michael Mitchell, Jack Stacy
  • April¬† Ryan Quickel, Rick Robinson, Brian Kimnach, Jack Stacy
  • May Pete Olson, Rod Johnson, Ray Ghrist, Jack Stacy
  • June¬†
  • July¬†
  • August¬†
  • September¬†
  • October¬†¬†
  • November¬†¬†
  • December¬†
  • January Rocky Alexander, Steven Miller, Seth Ferguson, Chevy Crabtree, Ashton Knowles
  • February¬†¬†Chad Bratcher, Dennis Clevenger, Ro Deleon, Ryan Quickel
  • March¬†Rocky Alexander, Don Wollcott, Dennis Clevenger, Peter Olson
  • April¬† Steven Miller, Peter Olson, Ro Deleon, Michael Mitchell, Bryce Bisciotti
  • May Dennis Clevenger, Landon A., Ashton Knowles, Tim Olsen
  • June Don Wolcott, Landon Aurentz, Alli Dennison, Ro Deleon
  • July Jack Stacey, Don Wolcott, Justine Ferko, Steven Miller
  • August¬†Tom Sweeney, Ro Deleon, Rocky Alexander, Ray Ghrist
  • September Seth Ferguson, Rod Johnson, Alli Dennison, Brian
  • October¬†Tim Olson, Jack Stacy, Peter Olson, Michael Mitchell, Rocky Alexander, Dennis Clevenger
  • November¬†Don Wolcott, Landon Aurentz, Dennis Clevenger,
  • December¬†Don Wolcott, Chad Bratcher, Dennis Clevenger

Stakeholder of the Year: Seth Ferguson

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